Nth Moto’s Twin-Turbo Ford GT “Black Mamba” is Here to Fill the Kobe Void

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In a little less than two months, the first NBA season without Kobe Bean Bryant in two decades will begin. Even though the Lakers have been irrelevant for the past couple seasons, it’s certainly going to be weird without the Black Mamba on the court. He proved in his final game that right up until his last minute, he was capable of taking any game over in a flash. There will never be another Mamba, and we can’t imagine he’d be too happy if anybody ever tried to copy his nickname … unless it were a massively powerful twin-turbocharged Ford GT.

This project comes courtesy of aftermarket fabricator and customizer Nth Moto. That’s not “N-T-H,” it’s like “to the Nth degree.” The Minneapolis-based company wants to raise all of its cars to the next level, and it’s built up quite the reputation as twin-turbo specialists with their world-beating TT Dodge Viper and 2,000-plus-horsepower Lamborghini Gallardo. And now comes its newest project, the Black Mamba Ford GT.


Debuted just this past week at a local Cars and Coffee, the Black Mamba doesn’t have many details yet, though some official photos were released by Nth. We can tell you, however, that that image above is not how a normal GT engine bay looks. Nth does fantastic billet work, and the fabricated elements are obvious here.

Here’s what 4 digit horsepower pulls to over 200 MPH looks like from an insane twin turbo Ford GT supercar designed and meticulously built by Nth Moto. @steven_racing #stevenracing #nthmoto #ford #gt #fordgt #twinturbo #billet #bespoke #supercar

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The above video proves that a twin-turbo GT will indeed make anywhere more than 1,000 horsepower, though that could mean anything considering what Nth has created in the past. It will also be capable of more than 200 mph and will be driven by … wait for it … a 13-year-old. Yes, his name is Steven Aghakhani, and he drives in a Lamborghini Gallardo GT3, and he is a stud.

We’re kind of happy to hear it’s going to be in the hands of a pro. This thing deserves to be driven hard.

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