Now That the Super Duty is Out of the Way, How About That Bronco?

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The Ford Trucks team has been hard at work getting the 2017 Super Duty ready for prime time. Now that the media launch is over, trucks are entering production. On most aspects, it’s time for the team to move on to the next thing. Will that next thing be a Bronco? It’s time for one of our regular Bronco updates!

As of this point, we haven’t seen a prototype running around, but we do believe that Ford is at work on preparing for the return of the iconic nameplate. New car sales are starting to slow down, and fresh products will be needed to keep the growth curve heading in the right direction.

The only other “evidence” we have is what the competition is doing. Recently spy shots came out of a Chevrolet pickup truck that looks a lot like the off-road ZR2 Colorado. We’ve seen spy shots of Jeep testing the new Wrangler, and we’ve even seen spy shots of the new Wrangler wearing a pickup truck bed.

The small off-roader segment is hot, hot, hot and it’d be silly for Ford to not get in on the action. Now that the Super Duty is out of the way, we might just start hearing more about an upcoming Bronco — and Ranger. But until then, we’ll continue to speculate.

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Chad Kirchner is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other auto sites.

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