November 2, 1999 – Ford Desert Excursion: ‘Go Anywhere’ capability

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Ford Desert Excursion: ‘Go Anywhere’ capability

Desert Excursion

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 2, 1999 – Ready to take on any challenge – from the remote desert to the wild jungle – the Ford Desert Excursion concept is the ultimate go-anywhere, do-anything truck. Based on the new Ford Excursion, the Desert Excursion has been customized to take on the most extreme weather conditions and terrain.

The Excursion provides this desert-themed concept with a no-compromise foundation for the heavy-duty utility customer. Based on the Super Duty F-Series platform with the broadest range of product offerings in the class, the Excursion combines power and flexibility for the commercial-use customer combined with refinement and comfort for those looking for the ultimate personal-use, heavy-duty utility vehicle.

“Desert Excursion obliterates boundaries like no other vehicle,” says J Mays, Ford Motor Company vice president of Design. “This ultimate `can do vehicle’takes you where life is tough and the spoils of the city are left behind.”

The Desert Excursion concept features a unique grille, front fascia and headlamps that are made of stronger, more durable materials. The steel bumper features integrated PIAA Ion Crystal navigator and fog lamps to light any treacherous path ahead.

Integrated side steps with rugged texture provide increased traction and improved entry and exit of the vehicle. Oversized wheels and tires give the Desert Excursion a commanding road presence, while providing the necessary ground clearance and ability to take on the most challenging turf. Desert Excursion is powered by Ford’s powerful TritonO 6.8-liter SOHC V-10 engine, offering 310 horsepower and 425 foot-pounds of torque – the necessary muscle to plow through any obstacle.

The concept’s extreme-duty, weatherproof interior features four leather bucket seats with seating space for six people. The unique, functional instrument panel houses larger, easier-to-read gauges and an integrated navigation.

Aluminum tubing mounted in the headliner features leather grab handles to hang onto when traversing over bumpy terrain. Mesh door pockets and heavy-duty rubber floor mats add to the interior’s rugged characteristics.

The rear window and rear passenger seats fold down for improved loading capability, while the tailgate can be extended to increase the cargo capacity of the box. In addition, there is a securely mounted, removable cooler in the box.

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