This Young Man Chose an Old Ford Truck as His First Ride

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1978 Ford F-150 Front End Exterior

This 1978 F-150 is not only reliable, but extremely brown. And the owner? Well, he’s younger than the truck itself.

Every year a few articles come out that boldly claim the next crop of young drivers aren’t interested in car ownership. With companies like Uber and Lyft giving individuals the ability to get around without going down the traditional rabbit hole of owning a vehicle, those articles are likely to become more prevalent (and true). But as this story of a young man and his 1978 Ford F-150 shows us, young drivers love their rides and some even go after antiques.

As Popular Mechanics reports, Ryan Bettis found a ’78 F-150 on Craigslist for the astonishing price of just $2,800. The listing, according to Bettis, was for a “Ford Truck” and only had one bad photo, which might be why the truck didn’t draw a lot of attention.

Bettis interacted with the original owner’s son, who claimed his father bought the F-150 new back in 1978, and continued to use the vehicle as a daily driver until the late ‘80s. As one would expect, the vehicle was put to good use and handled the job of towing the family’s fishing boat and camping duties, as well.

After their numerous years of ownership, the father and son duo decided to restore the truck, but, unfortunately, the father had a stroke and plans changed. The owner’s son commissioned to get the engine rebuilt and handled some of the bodywork himself, but the truck sat collecting dust until Bettis purchased the vehicle.

The F-150 was everything Bettis was looking for, such as a 400 cubic-inch V8 engine paired to a four-speed manual transmission. The vehicle did have some problems that Bettis had to work through, including an issue with the fuel system. Since then, the roughly 40-year-old pickup hasn’t let him down and has even stayed reliable with some minor upgrades. Bettis even had the truck painted back to its original shade of brown, which is spectacular.

Still think youngins aren’t interested in old-school trucks? Well think again!

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