Ford Ranger Verses Chevrolet Colorado, Toyota Tacoma & Nissan Frontier

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It shouldn’t be a surprise that the ultimate Ford Ranger isn’t offered here in the U.S. It’s the dream truck of small Ford Truck fans with its diesel engine options and good looks that make it different from the F-150.

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However, Andrew Collins from Truck Yeah! was able to compare the new Chevrolet Colorado, Toyota Tacoma, and Nissan Frontier to the data he was able to get on the new Ford Ranger to see just how capable the truck would be here in the U.S.

Being a non-U.S. truck, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Ford Ranger is actually smaller than the three other competitors. Even in its largest configuration, the Ford Ranger is nearly 10-inches shorter in length to the next smallest truck, the Nissan Frontier.


The new Colorado is nearly 15-inches longer. It is the narrowest, but tied with the Nissan Frontier at 72.8-inches wide. That length and width do come at an advantage with a smaller turning circle. It is also the heaviest at 4850-lbs with the diesel engine and biggest version.

Ford Ranger Odyssey Africa

That diesel engine really wins in the towing and payload department, the big Ranger can tow up to 7716-lbs or carry a payload of 2204-lbs. The Colorado is the closest at 7000-lbs and 1520-lbs respectively.


The Ranger is also the most off-road capable. At its smallest configuration, it has 7.9-inches of ground clearance but the big boy is at 9.3-inches. Only the Toyota Tacoma comes close on its biggest version at 9.1-inches of clearance but the Colorado beats all on its smallest version with 8.4-inches ground clearance.

That high stance helps with breakover angle with the Ranger at 25-degrees for its bigger version. However, it is the second worst with approach angle at 22(small)/29(big)-degrees The Frontier and Tacoma beat both versions of the Ford and absolutely dominate either version of the Colorado.

With all of that said, we think it’s time for Ford to release the Ranger into the U.S. The small pickup market is heating up and Ford doesn’t have an answer that it needs without it.

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Justin Banner is a regular contributor to LS1Tech and JK Forum, among other auto sites.

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