No Prob: 2017 Ford Super Duty Frame Dangles 60,000 Pounds

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super duty frame stunt

To say we’re excited about the all new Super Duty here at Ford Truck Enthusiasts, well, that might be a bit of an understatement, as our past six stories might indicate. But there’s just a lot to be excited about.

One of the coolest things about the 2017 Super Duty is its new fully boxed frame, which uses 95% high-strength steel. All in all, Ford says that the new frame is the strongest Super Duty frame ever, approximately 24 times stiffer than the 2016 model.

To prove the new frame’s super strength, Ford let the frame do the talking by attaching over 60,00o pounds of weight to it. But since Ford doesn’t just know how to build a great truck, but also how to market one, they don’t simply use boring old weights to prove their point. Oh no, ever the showmen, Ford takes a no-joke crane and daringly dangles eight F-150 trucks. Then they add the ultimate exclamation point: a 13,000-pound F-750 TONKA dump truck.

Ford’s marketing genius doesn’t stop there, they also stage the whole stunt to play like a reality show challenge, increasing the amount of weight incrementally, ratcheting up the dramatic music all the while. There’s also plenty of showy graphics, detailing some more cool stats. It’s actually a really fun way to spend four minutes of your life.

So what are you waiting for? Push play already.

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