No Need for a Spouse When You Have a Ford Truck!

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Just Divorced Ford F-150

People often celebrate their recent marriage by covering the wedding car in “Just Married!” signage. It’s one of the reasons why I’ve been reluctant in the past to loan a car to a friend getting married. I don’t want that crap on my car. But what happens if you’re happy that you just got a divorce? Some people go out and get a drink with friends, but this woman decided to plaster “Just Divorced!” on her Ford pickup truck!

Leona Metcalf of Lawrenceville, Georgia had her husband walk out on her over five years ago. However, her divorce was just recently officially finalized. She thought she’d celebrate in a unique way. According to Metcalf, “You see people putting ‘Just Married’ on their cars to celebrate their wedding so I decided, hey, why not put ‘Just Divorced’ on my truck to celebrate my divorce?”

It’s hard to argue with that logic.


Metcalf continues to say that she’s really surprised with the support she received. People honk and show their support wherever she goes. She just thought it’d be a cute idea, but didn’t think for a minute that she’d get as much publicity as she has received.

She has her Ford F-150, and we think that she’ll be just fine.

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