Bobby Runyan, Jr. and Borla Take on TORC

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The Off Road Championship’s Pro Light Class is all about teams, drivers, and trucks working at peak performance while literally banging doors. However, before Bobby Runyan, Jr. and his Roush-powered truck can take the first laps at the season opener at Texas Motor Speedway, he and Borla Exhaust must make his #9 Borla Exhaust Pro Light work at it’s best. This is the story of Bobby and Borla taking on TORC at Texas.

borlaYou’re probably thinking, “Hey, that’s a Nissan that Bobby Runyan and Borla are campaigning in TORC, how’s the related to Ford trucks?” Well, on the visual side you’re right, that’s a Nissan Frontier. It’s a chassis that Nissan Motorsports ran in conjunction with another driver years prior when they had a huge racing presence in many forms of motorsport.

However, when the rules of the Pro Light class changed from four-bangers and V6s to rules packaged V8s, they didn’t have an engine that would fit. So, with as little fanfare as possible, Nissan Motorsports approached a Ford engine builder to build their V8s and label them as Nissan Motorsports engines.

When Bobby got this chassis and engine, he went to Lovell Racing to rebuild the chassis, which needed a lot of work, and went to Roush to rebuild the engine internally. When it came to the exhaust, though, there was only one choice that he and Roush felt would work best with what they had to work with: Borla.

If you want to get an idea of what it’s like to run around the Texas Motor Speedway’s short oval converted into a short course track, here is another rundown from Bobby.

With Bobby’s Top 10 points finish for the Texas Rounds, he looks forward to continuing that charge through the rest of the season.

Justin Banner is a regular contributor to LS1Tech and JK Forum, among other auto sites.

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