Is This the Nicest 1990 F-250 Out There?

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80’s and 90’s model F Series trucks haven’t exactly become collectors items like their older brethren, at least not yet. But you have to admit that their boxy, simplistic styling has a charm of its own.  And because most of these trucks were true workhorses, like their predecessors, you don’t see a ton of clean examples out there anymore.

This particular 1990 F-250 might be one of the cleanest of the bunch.  A one owner truck, it has obviously lived in a garage and been well cared for over the years.  It looks factory fresh, having only received a polish and clean in addition to fresh trim and new tires.


This XLT Lariat is also a truly low mileage example for a 26 year old truck, with a mere 77,000 miles on the odometer.  The inside is factory fresh thanks to new carpet, headliner, and visors, though the seat trim hasn’t been touched.  It’s easy to think that their condition wasn’t too bad to begin with, judging by the rest of the truck.

90’s Ford trucks may not be a hot collectors item yet, but if you owned one or grew up during this decade, seeing one this nice is sure to make you feel a bit nostalgic.  These were good, simple trucks that are also tough as nails.  And as is apparent with this ’90 model, they hold up well over the years with just a little bit of care.

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