Nicely Modded Ford F-150 Owns the Southwestern Deserts

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Ford F-150

Few Ford F-150 owners ever take their trucks off paved roads. But this Arizona resident isn’t afraid to get his dirty.

Let’s face it – most people that own brand new, four-wheel drive pickups rarely if ever take them off road. They’re nothing more than pavement princesses, as the hardcore off-roaders call them. But to us, there’s nothing wrong with that, of course. Some of us merely like to have extra traction at hand when the weather goes south. Regardless, it’s still nice to see a guy like Reddit user InfoFlyBy using his Ford F-150 for more than just grocery store runs.

But that doesn’t mean that the OP has spent a fortune upgrading his pickup with a bunch of pricey aftermarket parts, either. Just a few upgrades that he actually uses. And (gasp!) stuff that isn’t just for showing off in your local big box store parking lot. The most obvious of which is a 52-inch light bar across the roof, which he makes use of during some nighttime desert cruising down in Anthem, Arizona.

Ford F-150

The truck also sports a Raptor grille, which gives it a nice aggressive appearance up front. Some folks don’t particularly like the combination of this blacked-out grille with a chrome bumper, of course. But the OP admits that he’s looking at options to rectify that styling glitch.

Ford F-150

Otherwise, a good set of off-road rubber is all this Ford F-150 needs to go just about anywhere. Which is nice to see, really. After all, there are quite literally millions of these things out on our public highways. So now we just want to see more owners get out and explore the beautiful back roads this country has to offer!

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