NEWSFLASH Millennials Love Performance Vehicles

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We’ve all read the stories about how Millennials couldn’t give two craps about cars and how the motoring enthusiast is dying with the current generation of fans. While vehicles might not make sense in big cities such as New York, there is a large part of this nation (often referred to as flyover country) that needs and wants cars and trucks in their lives. That desire and enthusiasm is also continuing with the Millennial generation, and Ford’s performance vehicles are benefiting.

Compared to all other car buyers, people aged 18-34 are twice as likely to citeĀ “fun-to-drive” as the main factor in determining their vehicle choice over all other buyers. See, humanity isn’t doomed!


Erich Merkle, Ford’s numbers guru, told The Detroit News that sales of Ford’s performance vehicles are up 30% this year compared to this time in 2014. That’s great news for buyers as well as for Ford itself.

Ford is on a performance kick these days, with the Shelby GT350, Ford Focus RS, and upcoming Ford Raptor all making a big waves in the industry. Plus, we can’t forget the amazing Ford GT that’ll hit the racetracks starting in January.

Also, the performance variants of a vehicle tend to be the most expensive, which helps Ford’s bottom line and encourages them to continue building kickass performance machines.

We know we can’t wait to get our grubby paws on the new Raptor sometime next year. But until then, Ford’s devotion to performance is continuing to benefit us all.

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