BREAKING: New Ford Expedition & Escape Go Hybrid for 2019

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Ford to invest $4.5B to launch Expedition, Escape plug-in hybrid, and 11 more models including Lincoln Navigator.

Leading outlet Automotive News┬áreports that sources familiar with Ford’s product plans claim the Blue Oval will soon launch hybrid versions of their most popular SUVs and crossovers. As we previously reported, ex-CEO Mark Fields pledged to introduce 13 electrified models by 2020.

The 2018 Expedition and Navigator combo are set to debut in the fall of this year, and if these rumors turn out to be true, a plug-in hybrid version will follow in 2019. Although Ford has not confirmed such scandalous talk, it’s hard to ignore as this falls in line with the timing for the confirmed plug-in hybrid F-150. The fact that the Expedition shares many chassis, drivetrain, and interior components with the half-ton truck make this an even juicier rumor.


The Expedition’s baby brother, the Escape, is also bound to receive a plug-in hybrid drivetrain according to the outlet’s report, which should squeeze even miles per gallon out of the already fuel-efficient crossover. It’s worth noting that the Escape was previously offered with a hybrid drivetrain, but not in plug-in form.

If you’re new to “engine electrification,” it’s important to know how a plug-in hybrid differs from a traditional hybrid or an EV (electric vehicle). The current rumors surrounding the Expedition, Escape, Navigator and MKC revolve around a plug-in hybrid drivetrain. This means they will feature a normal internal combustion, gasoline-powered engine, in addition to an electric motor and Lithium-Ion batteries. The battery cells can be recharged by plugging the vehicle into a power source.


In this modality, owners can choose to recharge the batteries while driving like on a normal hybrid, or to utilize the fully-charged battery to drive strictly on electric power. Ford currently offers this technology on the Fusion and C-MAX Energi.

With the Ford F-150 and Mustang plug-in hybrid said to arrive by 2020, it’s only a matter of time until this new technology becomes the norm.

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