Are You the New U.S.-spec Ford Ranger?!?

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Is Ford working on a Ranger revival for sale in the United States? While many of the automotive signs have pointed to “yes,” we still haven’t seen any real proof that a new Ranger is happening. That could’ve just changed thanks to an eagle-eyed Facebook fan and a cell phone camera. Could this be the new Ford Ranger?

Facebook fan Rocky Mosher shared these two photos with us from a Home Depot in Bangor Township, Michigan. North of Saginaw, it’s several hours away from Ford’s home in Dearborn. It’d be the perfect place to hide from prying spy photographers’ lenses.


While this is obviously a Ranger, it doesn’t look much different than the current one that’s on sale to the rest of the world. Interestingly, aside from the Ford logos taped over, there is some camouflage over the front fenders and headlights. If it were just a test of the current test in the harsh Michigan climate, there wouldn’t be any need for the camouflage at all.

Basically one of two things is going on with this truck. It could very well be a prototype of the new truck, testing new components under the hood and the body, and using the current Ranger body to hide things. Perhaps it’s rocking a new diesel engine?

Or, it could also be Ford testing a small refresh of the current global Ranger and it’s undergoing some verification testing here in the United States. Until we hear from Ford officially, we’ll have no way of knowing for sure.

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