Watch the New Ranger Raptor Race through a Quarry

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Ranger Raptor dodges buggies, dirt bikes, construction machinery and a massive explosion.

The video above comes to us from the Ford Europe YouTube channel and it might be the best footage we have seen thus far of the all-new Ranger Raptor strutting its stuff. In this clip, we get to watch the new mini-Raptor race through the loose footing of a quarry as it is chased by an array of vehicles that should outshine a road-going pickup, but the high performance Ranger proves to be unstoppable.

Raptor on the Run

The video begins with a shot of three motorcycles cruising down the road when a new Ford Ranger Raptor comes tearing up behind them. The bikers speed up to stay ahead of the truck, but rather than give chase, the sporty mid-sized pickup swerves from the paved road to a dirt path. An unpaved road shouldn’t be much trouble for anything with the Raptor name, but as the truck blasts down the path, we see a fallen sign for a blasting zone.

Ranger Raptor Low Shot

As the Ranger reaches a clearing, we see that this dirt road has led the truck to a massive quarry of some sort, forcing the driver to weave his way to the other side. Unfortunately, there are some buggies in the quarry that begin to chase the Ranger as it rips through the dirt, around hazards and under the bucket of a huge earthmover.

After the Raptor has gotten away from the buggies, a trio of dirt bikes picks up the chase, but once again, the high performance Ranger is too good. The driver keeps the throttle down as the truck and the motorcycles skim across a series of small jumps, but when they hit a larger jump, the bikes stop and the Ranger soars through the air.

Ranger Raptor Flying

The Grand Finale

After stopping to switch into Baja mode, the Ranger Raptor continues along the dirt path, racing along a narrow ledge as a whole portion of the rock wall above it explodes and crumbles to the ground. It seems that the small Ford pickup could have finally been bested, but as the video ends, the Ranger Raptor emerges from the dust and debris.

Ranger Raptor Explosion

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