New Member with V8 Plans for His 1955 F-100

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1955 F-100 in Matte Black High

Inside and out, this 1955 Ford F-100 is super-clean. Now, it just needs V8 power.

We would like everyone to extend a warm welcome to “my1955F100“, a new member who joined to show off and ask questions about his – you guessed it – 1955 Ford F-100. The truck is cool as it sits today, but with plans to swap in a V8, this antique F-Series pickup is about to get even cooler. After all, you can never go wrong by putting a bigger, stronger engine in a slick classic pickup.

The Introduction

When my1955F100 joined the forum a while back, he introduced himself and the truck that led to his username in the Members section of the forum.

Hey everyone. Just checking in as a FTE newbie. My ride is a 55 F100. It’s a daily driver as needed. Current engine is the 223. Two weeks ago, I picked up a ’58-’59 rebuilt 292 long block. I’m working through the parts list and am sure to have many questions about the transplant. I look forward to connecting and learning from you all. JA

As you can see in the pictures here, the OP’s truck is painted matte black, but based on the light blue paint on the interior metal, we would guess that this truck started off blue and it was painted black. That black works nicely with the original chrome badging, the wood-lined bed and the black wheels with chrome center caps and beauty rings – giving this antique truck a classic look with the modern trend of matte paint.

1955 F-100 and 292 Engine

292 Y-Block

Along with his pictures, the OP shared his first question:

Here are some pics of the 55. It’s a driver that’s been in local parades and also made several trips to the dump! Once I get the 292 built, I plan to swap it for the 223. Right now I’m trying to figure out the engine mounts. From all I’ve read, it seems that the Y blocks are even swaps with the 223. Do you have any insight to this one? Thanks

If you are unfamiliar with the 292-cubic inch Y-Block V8, it was offered from 1955 through 1964 in both cars and trucks across the Ford Motor Company brands. The OP’s 292 is from 1959, so it should be one of the stronger variants, offering 206-212 horsepower and 297 lb-ft of torque.

The current engine in this 1955 Ford F-100 is the original 223 inline-six mill named the Mileage Maker. This six-cylinder engine provided just 115 horsepower, so the move to the 292 V8 should make a huge difference in the driving dynamics of this F-100.

Hopefully the OP will keep us updated on the progress of his V8 swap, as this project has the makings of a cool daily driven F-100. If you have insight on his engine swap, feel free to drop into the thread and share your information.

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