Question of the Week: Would You Prefer an F-150-Based Bronco?

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The next Ford Bronco will be a midsize vehicle based on the new Ranger. Would you prefer a larger, F150-based Bronco?

Details on the upcoming Ford Bronco are fairly limited, but let’s start with what we already know. The upcoming truck will be built on a modified version of the new Ford Ranger chassis. Like the midsize truck, the new Bronco will be assembled at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant, where the Focus and C-Max are currently being built. We also know that the same engineers who designed the Ranger currently sold outside of North America will have a hand in this new American model. Lastly, we know that it will arrive around 2019-2020.

That being said, many Ford enthusiasts had hoped for the next American Bronco to be a big, strapping SUV based on the Ford F-150. The current unofficial Bronco renderings which kicked off the “new full-sized Bronco” rumors years back, were obviously based on such.

However, the news that the new Bronco will share a body-on-frame design with the new Ford Ranger confirms that it will be a midsized vehicle, more like the old Bronco II. Really, it sounds as if the next Bronco will be designed to battle the likes of the Jeep Wrangler, rather than providing OJ with his next getaway vehicle.

With all of that in mind, would you prefer a new F-150-based, full-sized Bronco, rather than a midsized model?

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