Ford Launches All-New Heavy Duty Truck Series

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A brand-new series of heavy duty construction Ford trucks was recently unveiled in the United Arab Emirate nation of Qatar, and by the looks of it, it’s definitely going to kick ass.

The truck has been code-named 330 and 430 referring to the horsepower figure of each respective model, while the actual series or exact model name has yet to be released by Ford. Many of the world’s most powerful construction companies and contracts, which most are already based in Qatar, were present for the glimpse of the Tonka-looking Ford truck, and will most likely be first on the order-taking process for such.

It’s rumored that this new truck will be the first Ford model to feature the new E3 engine, which refers to the E3 level emissions, which of course it will meet by being able to adjust its fuel burning rate according to the country or locality where the machine is operating in.


This new machine strives to 8.5% better fuel economy, all while producing more horsepower and torque than its predecessor. And because operating costs are everything to these multi-national companies, Ford also promises the new truck will be up to 25% cheaper to maintain post-purchase, which will certainly appeal to potential buyers.

Emra Duman, Director of Emerging Markets at Ford Trucks as present at the unveiling, and mentioned his excitement to the press over this upcoming truck and what it means for Ford and the construction industry.

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Story and photos via: [Construction Week Online]

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