New FTE Forum Member Looks to Fix up Dad’s ’77 Ford F-150

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When this new FTE member inherited his dad’s beloved F-150, he needed some advice. And there’s no better place to get it than right here!

For many of us, our love of Ford trucks came from our parents or grandparents. And oftentimes, we find ourselves inheriting those same trucks that we grew up riding around town in. But that gift also brings a bit of a burden with it. Now that you’ve got an old pickup in your possession, how do you go about learning about it, maintaining it, and figuring out how to fix what’s wrong with it? 

Enter the Ford Truck Enthusiasts forums. A resource that extends far beyond your typical repair manual. Here we have countless experts who know as much or more about these old trucks than the guys who originally designed and built them. So it’s no wonder that most of our new members come here for that very reason. Including M4Munson, who recently joined because he now owns his dad’s old 1977 Ford F-150.

His father actually purchased the truck from its original owner and kept it in his possession for 30 years. The F-150 still runs and drives good, but obviously needs a little bit of work. Like many new members, the OP admits that he’s been lurking for a while before he signed up, crediting the forums for being a “big help” with what he’s done thus far. We’re certainly glad that he’s part of the FTE family, and we look forward to seeing dad’s old F-150 come back to life!

Now the question is, are you a member as well? If the answer is no, we ask, why not? Joining is 100% free, and it takes mere minutes to do so. All you have to do is head over here, fill out some info, and presto – you’ve got access to one of the most valuable resources on the web.

And once you sign up, be sure and introduce yourself here. Then, we’ll be sure and roll out the red carpet for you and your Ford truck, too!

Brett Foote has been covering the automotive industry for over five years and is a longtime contributor to Internet Brands’ Auto Group sites, including Chevrolet Forum, Rennlist, and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other popular sites.

He has been an automotive enthusiast since the day he came into this world and rode home from the hospital in a first-gen Mustang, and he's been wrenching on them nearly as long.

In addition to his expertise writing about cars, trucks, motorcycles, and every other type of automobile, Brett had spent several years running parts for local auto dealerships.

You can follow along with his builds and various automotive shenanigans on Instagram: @bfoote.

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