New Ford Police Interceptor Coming to Chicago

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The new Ford Police Interceptor utility

Currently, Ford offers two different police vehicles for government use. One is based on the all-wheel drive Ford Taurus, and the other is based on the Ford Explorer.

Since the Explorer is being refreshed this year, it’s only logical to see a new version of their Police Interceptor. Ford will show off the new Police Interceptor at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show. However, they decided to tease us a little bit early!

New Ford Police Interceptor to be Shown at Chicago Auto Show

The Explorer-based Interceptor has seen a lot of popularity amongst police departments. It is the patrol vehicle of the California Highway Patrol, because they have specific equipment hauling requirements. Also, the larger SUVs mean more room for perps and better all-season functionality.

Dodge’s Charger Pursuit has been a favorite for car duty, due to the Hemi V8 and rear-wheel drive. But for 2015, Dodge is offering the Hemi with all-wheel drive, and they expect many municipalities to order it that way.

It seems all-wheel drive vehicles, even if they are more complicated in terms of maintenance, are becoming increasingly popular.

Expect the new Police Interceptor to be based on the Ford Explorer with the 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine. Don’t be surprised if it has an upgraded alternator, bigger brakes, better cooling, and more. Basically cop brakes, cop engine, cop suspension.

Stay tuned to the Chicago Auto Show to see what might be patrolling your local streets in the near future.

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