New Ford Patent Reveals Built-In/Slide-Out Beer Cooler!

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Ford Patent

Ok, so Ford won’t publicly call this storage device a beer cooler. But it sure looks like one to us!

Ford has long been at the forefront of innovation. This is especially true when it comes to trucks and SUVs. Clever new features are a big part of why the automaker remains at the top of the market, after all. From bed steps to storage compartments designed to fit actual stuff, today’s trucks have it all. Well, almost. For those of us who enjoy a frosty adult beverage, there’s no built-in storage. At least, until this latest Ford patent filing makes it to the real world.

That’s right fellow beer lovers, Ford is getting ready to install integrated, slide-out coolers into its SUVs. Okay, fine, these nifty bins can probably store other stuff. Like valuables, emergency supplies, snacks for the kiddies, or even groceries that might normally fly all over your rear cargo area. But it would appear, by the looks of figure 3, that Ford has something else in mind. If ya’ know what we mean (wink)….

Ford Patent

In all fairness, maybe those are a bunch of old glass bottle sodas. But we doubt it. Especially when you consider how Ford pitches this nifty little idea. You see, these storage bins don’t just hold drinks and ice, they’re actually removable. And they have wheels and a handle, like a regular old cooler. The bins can latch together for easy travel. And they even have a docking station on top for an electronic device! The area around the docking station is designed to amplify sound. Perfect for your next tailgate or impromptu party.

Ford Patent

We’ve seen some amazingly useful innovations in our day, but this latest Ford patent just might be the greatest thing since the invention of the pickup. Now the question is, when will we actually see it in a vehicle? The new Expedition, perhaps? We’ll just have to wait and see!

Ford Patent

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