New Ford GT Production in the Hundreds?

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Ford GT

The big mic drop moment at the 2015 North American International Auto Show was when Ford pulled the proverbial covers off the brand new Ford GT supercar.

Another surprise? They’re actually going to put the concept into production. However, if a report from PistonHeads is to be believed, Ford will only be making several hundred GTs.


The last-generation GT saw over 4,000 examples roll off the assembly line and into eager buyers’ hands. But talking to sources at the Geneva Motor Show, PH reports that it will be “in the hundreds, not the thousands.”

That’s not entirely surprising to me, considering the cost-of-entry for the new car will likely exceed $200,000. It’s also a halo car that is going to usher in a new age of EcoBoost performance. Ford doesn’t need to make that many of the car to prove that point.

Ford GT

Last-generation Ford GTs sell well in the used marketplace. Especially the limited-edition Gulf Livery versions. Limiting production will keep buyers happy and protect their investments.

But if buyers are viewing these cars as investments, it’s a lot less likely we’ll see them out on the road actually being driven.

That’d be too bad.

Should Ford make as many GTs as there are buyers, or should they limit production of their new hypercar? Let us know in the forums!

via [PistonHeads]

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