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CES is an annual convention that happens in Las Vegas where companies show off televisions the price of Raptors and other companies show off things you’ll never be able to buy because they won’t get their Kickstarter funded. Recently, though, CES has turned into a bit of an auto show, thanks to Ford’s embracing of consumer electronics and mobile phones inside the vehicle.

Now that it’s become an auto show (the first of the year, just ahead of the North American International Auto Show), the folks at CES have gone about declaring official vehicles of the show. This year they are granting their award to the brand-new, EcoBoost-powered Ford GT supercar.

Ford Returns to CES 2016 with Ford GT as Official Show Vehicle

From a technology standpoint, the Ford GT is equipped with stuff that’ll eventually be found across the entire Ford range. That’s why companies do halo cars like this. They do it to test out stuff they eventually want to use on other cars. It’s why the Shelby GT350 has carbon fiber wheels, for example.

The Ford GT is going to be the talk of the 2016 year. It’ll have its official racing debut at the Rolex24 in Daytona. It’ll be at LeMans. Plus, the production version will go on sale to a select few who are lucky enough to buy one.

The CES award won’t be the last time we hear about the Ford GT, that’s for sure.

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