2018 Expedition Can Turn a Novice Driver Into a Professional Hauler

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2018 Ford Expedition

Class-exclusive Pro Trailer Backup Assist will make reversing 9,300 lbs. worth of cargo a breeze.

Some forum members give novice truck owners a hard time for not mastering the art of backing up a trailer. When Ford introduced the Pro Trailer Backup Assist system in the F-150 many hardcore truckers immediately talked smack, but beginners praised it. In the end, all of these technologies are designed to make us better drivers.

Future owners of the 2018 Expedition don’t have to be expert truckers to hitch up to 9,300 pounds, because Ford has them covered.

2018 Ford Expedition

The new Expedition is fitted with a class-exclusive Pro Trailer Backup Assist, which will aid novice drivers who don’t tow items often, feel more confident behind the wheel. The new feature will definitely be put to good use, as Ford claims that approximately 50 percent of Expedition owners value towing, while 15 percent tow cargo on a weekly or monthly basis.

Pro Trailer Backup Assist, as its name implies, makes reversing with large cargo attached a painless process, as it lets the driver steer the trailer, boat, or other cargo with a control knob. While the driver is using said knob, the Expedition steers itself and even regulates its own speed.

2018 Ford Expedition Pro Trailer Backup

According to Ford, the driver rotates the knob, telling the Expedition how much it should turn the trailer. The feature then automatically adjusts the steering angle on the SUV to get the trailer to turn the desired amount. Having Pro Trailer Backup Assist not only takes the hassle out of backing a trailer up, but it is also much quicker than taking multiple attempts at trying to point the trailer in the right direction. You know who you are!

Regardless if you’re an expert or rookie, useful technology should always be welcomed!

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