New Ford Bronco Likely a Year Away or More

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new ford bronco

“When is the new Ford Bronco going to go on sale?” It’s a question I often hear when I’m out in public. With all the rumors and speculation about the new SUV from the Blue Oval, it’s important to remember that we still haven’t heard anything official from Ford Motor Company themselves. That’s why I don’t expect to see the new vehicle for at least a year.

We’re approaching official auto show season, and we still haven’t heard anything from Ford or have seen any spy shots of a vehicle in testing. While we’re sure that the Bronco is an important vehicle for Ford, it’s unlikely shroud in the same level of secrecy that the Ford GT was. If we were going to see the vehicle soon, we should have seen some sort of prototype testing.

While I did postulate a reasonably timeline for launch a year ago, I believe that those dates are now wrong and could be pushed back a year. The plant in Michigan where it’ll be assembled is still cranking out cars, and it’ll take some time to convert that plant over to have it build the new Ranger and Bronco.

Patience, my friends. It’s coming, it’s just going to be a little while longer.

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Chad Kirchner is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other auto sites.

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