New Ford Bronco Previewed by “Automobile” for 2020

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In the latest issue of Automobile Magazine, the folks over there have a preview of the 2020 Ford Bronco. While we aren’t quite so certain that it’ll be a 2020 model, we are interested in seeing what they have to say about the company’s new off-roader.

Some of the things we already know. For example, we know that the new Bronco will share the same platform as the new Ranger and will likely be assembled in the same plant in Michigan. That also means it’ll likely be a body-on-frame SUV in the way that SUVs of old were sold. Automobile goes as far as to refer to it as a Ford version of the Wrangler Unlimited.

They note that it could all go wrong and list a few reasons why. One of which is a rise in fuel prices. Though gas prices didn’t seem to slow Jeep Wrangler sales in the slightest.

They haven’t really said anything we didn’t already know. They also didn’t go as far as to officially confirm that the Bronco is happening. I’m convinced the new Bronco is going to happen, and I even think it might be possible we see it before the 2020 model year. The planets are in alignment for this to happen and all we need is official word from Ford confirming it.

Be sure to check out the latest edition of Automobile if you want to catch the story.

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