New Ford F-150 Offers Parallel Parking for Dummies

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Good news! Help is on the way for drivers who can’t parallel park a pickup properly. In the very near future, the parking challenged can find their salvation in the all-new Ford F-150.

Yes, it’s true, “Active Assist Parking” is now an option. No longer will they be destined to trash bumpers, park on the curb or be forced to use valet parking in the city.

While self-parking vehicles are not new and the technology is quite impressive, autonomous cars and trucks will be here sooner than you think. Well, at least for those who can afford it.


The following demonstration video (below) of a 2015 Ford F-150 parallel parking itself between two cars is truly amazing. This is the first time you can let your trusty F-150 do most of the parking for you if you are so inclined and opt for the premium package.

Active park assist relies on two sensors and an electric power-assisted steering wheel to help drivers park between other vehicles. First the F-150’s sensors measure the distance between the two vehicles to determine if it will fit in the space.

If it’s a match, the truck will ask you to engage the reverse and automatically steer into the space. But you still have to operate the gas and brake pedals – for now.

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Some folks might say if you can’t parallel park a pickup by now, maybe you shouldn’t be driving one. True, but it’s not as bad as the death of the manual transmission or is it? Still this is a pretty amazing feature but it’s not cheap.

The parking feature is only available for the Lariat model and higher trim levels. It also requires the Luxury Package 502A ($6,995), plus the Tech Package ($905), plus the Adaptive Cruise ($1,250) and finally the Active Park Assist ($440).

That’s a lot for something you should really do yourself. Is it a good thing or not? Will you order driver assist technology for your new F-150?

Driver’s assist is currently available on the Ford Flex, Escape, Explorer, Taurus, Fusion, Focus and C-Max vehicles.

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