Man Buys New F-150 FX4, Immediately Drives in Mud Pit

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new f-150

You’ve just bought a brand new F-150 FX4. It has the full off-road package with brand new wheels, locking rear-end—the works. Do you…

A) Hide it in the garage and throw away the keys while lighting the room with candles as a place of reverence.

B) Wax it obsessively while waiting for your ACME Full-Size Glass Truck Enclosure™ to arrive in the mail.

C) Install an 8-inch, chrome lift kit and body armor for your daily commute through suburbia and highway gridlock.

D) This:

If you chose D, you’re the kinda guy I’d like to have a beer with. Be warned, the video has some swearing, but it is fun to see someone actually get into the dirt and start having fun without any of the babying that normally goes on with new trucks and cars. This is the break-in period.

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Video via: [My Little Hobby]

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