New F-150 and Ford Transit are Hot, Hot, Hot!

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You guys (and gals) sure do love your Ford trucks! Ford released sales numbers from December, as well as the entire 2014 year, and they’re good for the Ford Motor Company. The F-150 was the best selling vehicle in the country, for yet another year. The 2015 F-150 seems to be off to a good start, as well. Finally, the new full-sized Transit is America’s best-selling van.

On average last year, a new F-150 was sold every 43 seconds. That means by the time you’ve read this article Ford has sold at least two more trucks! The strong sales numbers for the F-150 also make it the best selling truck for the 38th year in a row, and the best overall selling vehicle in America for the 33rd straight year.

Another interesting F-150 metric is that the average time a 2015 F-150 sits on a dealer lot is 5 days. That’s an incredible number. Pre-orders are probably factoring in to it, but it’s still an impressive achievement.

2015 Ford Transit

Transit also had a breakout month, selling more than 10,000 units. The full size van is available in a litany of different configurations and sizes, and is an impressive upgrade over the E-Series vans that came before them. Now we just need to get one on a racetrack!

Ford also ended up being the best selling brand in the country for 2014. Keep in mind that the new F-150 and Mustang didn’t arrive until really late in the year, and we expect those to be strong sellers into 2015. It’s a good time to be Ford.

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