New Exhaust Transforms Sound of Ford F-150 V8

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F-150 5.0 sounds like a badass after getting voice lessons from Borla.

Forty thousand miles. Those can take quite a while to rack up on a vehicle. Depending on the length of your commute and how often you go on long road trips, it might be a few years before your odometer shows 40000. No matter what, the time it takes until you hit that mark gives you plenty of chances to think about changing things on your vehicle. That’s what Mike from the Youtube channel “AutoVlog” ended up doing after his F-150 FX4 hit 40K.

He has a lot of mods in mind, including a more aggressive grille and more upscale headlights, but in the video above, he decides to make his truck sound better. In stock form, the V8 has plenty of power and sounds pretty good starting up cold, but its exhaust doesn’t let out much sound at idle and especially during a high-speed fly-by. Ford F-150 with Borla Exhaust

Mike buys a Borla ATAK cat-back exhaust system to unlock the 5.0’s inner beauty. Before he can rip the old setup out from under his rig and bolt in the new one, he has to wait until a certain time to make sure his buddy Brian is off of work and ready to help with the installation. Once they meet up, they throw the F-150 on a lift and yank out its factory exhaust. Putting in the Borla piping seems easy and straightforward, although it does require bolting on two additional hangers to keep the pipes in place.

It takes about an hour to put the Borla system in and it’s more than worth the wait. The black tips coordinate with the truck’s black paint and the sound that comes out of them is angry and loud. The 5.0 is more vocal at idle and at speed, from the outside and the inside of the cabin. The best part about it is that it doesn’t boom or drone inside the truck. Looks as if Mike’s next 40,000 miles in this F-150 are going to have one helluva soundtrack.

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