The New 2015 Ranger is Glorious

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I will lament to my very last breath on “why hasn’t Ford brought the Ranger back to the U.S. market yet.” It makes my suffering all the more painful since the new Ranger looks so good, and especially hard to deal with this teaser video the company uploaded to YouTube showing off the all-new 2015 Ranger.

The 2015 Ranger receives a whole host of new features including, a new front and rear, safer crash ratings and what Ford describes as a much smoother ride.

Personally, it looks miles better than the new F-150, and much better than Chevy’s new Colorado/Canyon small pickups.


However, before you all gear up to say, “well it’s 85% of an F-150 so why should they bring it over,” I’ll stop you right there. It doesn’t matter how it compares to the F-150 at all.

Chevy is stepping up its small truck game once again, and new versions of Toyota’s Tacoma are coming soon, Ford needs a small truck offering.

AllNewRanger_sliderThe Ranger inhabits a customer base that doesn’t subscribe to the idea of bigger is better. The people that want a Ranger want it for its smaller size, to fit in places easier, and have a more everyday truck. Not everyone wants a full-size truck, and that’s something Ford needs to realize.

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