NASCAR’s Clint Bowyer Switches to Ford Super Duty

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Race Star Ditches Toyota Camry and Joins Stewart-Hass Racing Organization that Uses Ford Performance Machines

If you follow NASCAR, chances are you know the name Clint Bowyer. Not only is he one of the sharpest drivers on the grid, but he also looks like Talladega Nights‘ “Ricky Bobby.” This curious coincidence is hilarious, given that he’s a real racer, and even a… and… okay, moving on.

Bowyer recently terminated his contract with his old racing team, where he piloted a Toyota Camry NASCAR. It was the end of a relationship that although successful at times, it had grown stale. As a result, Bowyer is now part of the Stewart-Hass Racing organization, which races Ford Performance machines.

The change in Bowyer’s choice vehicle means that he had to leave the ‘ol Tundra behind and drive a truck that’s actually up to date. We can’t imagine how happy he must have felt to drive a brand-new Ford Super Duty —  something with new technology in it. It must’ve been amazing! While the Tundra is a neat truck, it’s severely outdated and long overdue for a complete overhaul.

Bowyer shocked many of his loyal fans earlier this month with a simple tweet. After so many years of Toyota loyalty, he tweeted a photo of his new Ford Super Duty on Dec. 6.

Now, here’s the funny about this entire situation that will always unite Bowyer to Toyota: He actually owns a Toyota dealership in Kansas. Maybe he’ll now buy a Ford dealership franchise!

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