Mystery ’40s Ford F-Series Gets Dissected on Reddit

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Mystery 1940s Ford F-Series

Never underestimate the knowledge of truck experts online.

Did you know that experts say asking questions in social situations makes you seem more likable? It shows the person you’re talking to that you’re interested in what they have to say. Maybe that’s why we love this recent Reddit Ford Trucks thread. It starts with a single photo and a simple question: “Anyone know what year this is?” Needless to say, the commentariat comes up big.

At first glance, the answer seems almost too easy. It’s a first-generation Ford F-Series pickup, either a 1948 or ’49. The Redditors peg it for a ’49, then began to do an impressively deep dive based on the single picture. Of course, there’s nothing stock about this relic, as Redditor gregtx says: “Aftermarket engine, frame, trans, differentials, suspension, transfer case, and lord knows what else. My guess is the only thing from ‘49 is the body.” That sounds right on the money to us.

After a diversion with some of the less initiated marveling at how light on power ’40s-era trucks were (the range-topping 348 cubic inch Flathead V8 made just 145 horsepower), the discussion turns back to the mystery custom. Taking it even farther, gregtx comes up with a very believable hypothesis: “Looking more closely at this truck, I now suspect that they might have done a diesel conversion based on how they routed the exhaust. I’d bet this truck has a big PowerStroke motor in it now. That’d probably put its chassis in the mid to late 90s.”

This makes sense to us. The tall pipes certainly suggest diesel power. And a PowerStroke would keep it in the Ford family. From there, it isn’t a stretch for whoever built this truck to keep the engine in the original chassis and just drop the vintage body on it.

So there you have it. It’s a 1949 Ford F-Series with a whole lot of custom work done to it. Whatever is under the body, we hope that whoever owns this rig does the bare minimum cosmetically – glass and headlights would be nice, and gets this thing up and running soon. It’s one seriously cool looking truck.

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