Pull Over & See the SEMA DRAGG Mustang Pursuit Vehicle

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SEMA DRAGG Mustang - IMG_9584

SEMA is wrapping up in Las Vegas, and we’ve been highlighting some of the good stuff that has come out of it. One thing we haven’t shown you yet is this DRAGG Police Mustang. It’s definitely not something we want to see pull up behind us on the expressway.

SEMA DRAGG Mustang - IMG_9583

DRAGG is an acronym for Drag Racing Against Gangs & Graffiti, which is an after school program in the City of Oxnard to provide an automotive enthusiast alternative to getting into trouble.

SEMA DRAGG Mustang - IMG_9582

To support this initiative, the police department constructed this modified Mustang EcoBoost. That’s right, instead of going with a big 5.0L for the 5-0, they’ve opted for the more environmentally-friendly EcoBoost.

Sadly, all the modifications made to the car are mostly cosmetic. We know the EcoBoost Mustang can make big power, but the purpose of this car is community outreach and awareness, not active patrol.

DRAGG Mustang -- 2015 SEMA

DRAGG Mustang — 2015 SEMA

Regardless, it’s still pretty cool. Most people in Law Enforcement are also car enthusiasts, so it’s always fun to see what they come up with when they get to work on a project like this.

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Photos by John Coyle and Ford.

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