Must-Have Rehabilitated Masterpiece 1928 Ford Model AA Pickup

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Time to pounce if you have been hunting for an almost-nonexistent late-1920’s Ford Model AA Pickup truck fully-rebuilt to showroom quality. We don’t often see this condition and hardly ever auctioning after a full frame-off overhaul. After all that time restoring a classic one would think the owner would want to create some memories with this beauty.

Sometimes there’s never a true return-on-investment restoring toys. The next owner is sure to enjoy more fruits of the labor. It’s a true treat to click through the photographs of this Barrett-Jackson auction listing set for later this month with no reserve.

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These Model AA pickups share a lot of equipment with their smaller Model A younger brother yet featured larger undercarriage driving componentry allowing for heavier payloads, obviously. Model AAs can be identified by and desired for their longer and stronger frame, wheelbase and flatbed.

They are just as modular and tuneable as their younger brethren though riding a beefier setup so it’s a puzzler’s playground. No wonder it’s hard to find a good Model AA! Better built vehicles are hard to come by as they stay in possession of owners longer knowing what they have.

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This particular 1928 Ford Model AA Pickup truck looks a masterpiece just touring the photos. Pictures speak highly and Barrett-Jackson backs up the bespoke build quality by reporting it took ten years for the full reconstruction to take place. The current owner kept his heart set on authenticity adding only factory original parts or direct matches.

Barrett-Jackson says, “No shortcuts were taken when restoring this truck to its original condition.” Even down the four-cycle four-cylinder engine with an electric starting motor spinning through a 3-speed manual gearbox has been retained. Set for the Northeast event be sure to bring-a-trailer for this one as you probably want to tow or ship home. Happy bidding!

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