MUDFEST Stock Explorer Tackles Deep Mud

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stock explorer deep mud

The vast majority of the vehicles featured on Mudfest are heavily modified F Series pickups but this week, we have a stock Ford Explorer making short work of some very deep mud and water.

Honestly, were I to watch a jacked up Ford F-150 go through this mud pit, I would guess that an older Explorer without significant modifications would have a hard time getting from one side to the other without being pulled by something bigger. However, the Explorer in this video is supposed to be stock and, based on what we can see, it certainly looks stock.

As the old school Explorer storms into the deep, muddy water, it quickly hits and powers through what looks to be the deepest part of the slop. Remarkably, the driver continues to focus on the deepest ruts and the Explorer takes it all in stride. Even at times when the step bars are below the water line, this stock Explorer never misses a beat – even when the driver slams into a large rut towards the end, only to continue right on its way.

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