MUDFEST PowerStroke Diesel F-250 Whistling Thru the Mud

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power diesel mudding

This week’s Muddy video features an obviously modified 2003 Ford F-250 pickup “messin’ around in the stink ponds.” This F-250 is packing a 6.0L PowerStroke engine fitted with 4-inch turbo-back exhaust, an EGR delete and a few other modifications that work together to make more power, but they also make this one wicked sounding pickup.

When the video first begins, the big Ford pickup is easing into camera view with the healthy whistle of the turbocharging system drowning out everything else.


As the F-250 gets into the “stink ponds” and cranks into the throttle, the roar of the PowerStroke diesel engine becomes far more audible and the Super Duty pickup makes very short work of the deep, thick ruts in the mud.

The driver easily makes it to the end and makes a run back towards the camera and, not surprisingly, this mean F-250 doesn’t have any problems pushing through the deep slop.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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