MUDFEST Older Explorer Mud Truck is One Awesome SUV

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explorer mud truck

This week’s Muddy video features an older Ford Explorer SUV taking part in some very serious mudding action at the Country Compound Mud Bog.

The Explorer isn’t the typical kind of vehicle that you expect to see tackling a wicked mud bog pit, but this most certainly is not your typical Ford Explorer.


This Explorer has received a monster truck lift treatment that allows it to storm through the deep mud with the biggest trucks in the pit.

As the video begins, the high riding Explorer runs through some deeper mud and splashes down into a much deeper part of the pit – at which point it gets stuck.

The driver spends the next 30 seconds or so wiggling back and forth as he tries to dig out and just as it looks hopeless, the Explorer gets moving in the right way while throwing mud high into the air…only to get stuck once again.

However, after taking a few cuts at the near side of the pit, the old school Ford SUV manages to dig its way up and out of the mud.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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