MUDFEST F-350 PowerStroke Muds with a Quad

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muddin sd f350 600

This week’s Mudfest video features a wicked looking Ford F-350 that is obviously modified and obviously powered by a built PowerStroke diesel engine.

This murdered out F-350 first takes to the deep mud bog pit with a tonneau cover on the back as the crowd cheers him on and not surprisingly, this jacked up Super Duty rips through the black muddy water with little effort.

Based on the crowd on both sides, I would guess that this F-350 is participating in some sort of mud boggin’ event.

However, the second segment of this video shows the same modified Ford F-350 heading back through the water in the other direction – this time with the tonneau cover off and in its place is a large ATV that appears to be driven up on to the rolled up tonneau.

With this added ballast in the rear, the PowerStroke engine has to do a little work to push this F-350 up the bank and out of the mud – but this added weight isn’t enough for the jacked up Super Duty to really break a sweat.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy! Get muddy in the forum.>>

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