MUDFEST Bigfoot Lookalike F-250 Makes Waves of Mud

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When I first stumbled across the video below showing a classic Ford F-250 pickup playing in the mud, my first thought was that it was an early Bigfoot truck.

monsterf250It isn’t – as it isn’t quite as extreme as the 1974 F-250 that Bob Chandler used to create the first car-crushing monster truck, but this lookalike looks cool sitting still and looks even cooler as it effortlessly blasts through the mud bog pit.

bigfoot lookalike f250 mud 600
There is no information on this 70s Ford F-250, but it is clear that is has been modified to take on some serious mud. As the driver prepares for the run, we can hear the healthy idle of what I would imagine is a big block Ford V8 and before he blasts off, the driver gives it a couple good, hard revs – at which point it becomes clear just how nasty this custom F-250 is in terms of the engine build.

monster2Then he launches and this Ford F-250 looks awesome and sounds absolutely incredible as it creates a massive wave of mud when it blasts through the pit. Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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