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Powerful little Ranger gets stuck a time or two, but the driver keeps on coming back for more!

This week’s “Muddy Monday” video features a heavily modified first generation Ford Ranger at the 2017 Lutterlohs Spring Mud Bog in Amble, Michigan. There aren’t many details on the truck, but we can tell from the sound that it has a healthy V8 under the hood! Meanwhile, the elevated ride height shows its extensive chassis and suspension modifications along with enormous tires.

At first the Ranger is nice and shiny, but that doesn’t last long. The first successful run across the bog coated the wheels and much of the truck in mud, but on the second run the Ranger gets stuck about halfway through the pit. As the driver tries to dig out with its own power he creates an aerial curtain of mud — something which the crowd approves of.


On the next run the Ranger makes it a little further, but once again gets stuck drowning itself in mud while trying to get out. Each time he falls victim to extremely sloppy mud which proved to be too much for the Ranger.

Fortunately, the determined driver makes one more run for it and makes the V8 roar as he goes all-out across the pit. What do you think will happen?

Crank up your speakers and enjoy this old school Ford Ranger slinging mud in Michigan!

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