Watch the Pit Boss Ford Explorer Do Its Thing

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pit boss explorer

This week’s Muddy video is a little longer than usual, but it has a great deal more content than our average muddin’ video. This clip from Mud Stamp Films features a wicked Ford Explorer mud truck named the Pit Boss.

This massive Ford SUV is driven by a guy named Dan Perkins and with this mudding action taking place at the Perkins Mud Bog, I wonder if the name of the truck also signifies that this guy has a hand in the running of this well-known mud playground.

In any case, this video starts with unique drone footage, following the Pit Boss Ford Explorer through the parking areas leading to the mud pit.

We get a few words with the driver before the mud slinging action begins – with the Explorer showing off a wheels-up start. It is all going well until the Explorer hits a deep hole and sinks once corner, lifting the right front wheel high into the air and burying the mud truck.

After that, we see a few more runs by the Pit Boss Ford Explorer before the video finishes up with a few more interview segments and some intense slo-mo action.


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