Watch a V8 Ranger Bronco with a Swan Snorkel!

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swan bronco

This week’s Muddy video features some great footage of a Ford Ranger and a full sized Ford Bronco with a huge swan’s head for a snorkel playing in the slop.

You read that right – it is a Ford Bronco mud truck with an engine-air snorkel made to look like the head and neck of a swan.

The video begins with a Ford Ranger mud truck powered by a V8 engine playing in the deep, thick, muddy water. This mud pit appears to offer a nice variety of surfaces, with deep water in the middle and slimy, slippery mud at the edges. The Ranger makes short work of the mud pit from all sides and when this small truck is done, the video could end and the result would be a cool video.

However, the second portion has a full sized Ford Bronco with the most unique engine air snorkel I’ve ever seen. As you can see in the image above, the snorkel is a swan’s head and neck, and with the back roof removed, we can see that the swan Bronco is usually well loaded with passengers while in action.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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