Muddy Monday: F-350 Super Duty Crawls Through the Slop

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Jacked up F-350 Super Duty Makes Itself Right at Home in the Mud Pit

This week’s “Muddy Monday” video features an F-350 Super Duty showing off at the 2016 Squires Mud Bog in Illinois. There aren’t any useful details provided on this beast of a truck, but the grille tells us it’s a first generation, 1999-2004 model year truck. In addition, we can certainly tell there’s a diesel engine under the hood judging by the sound. The first generation Ford Super Duty was offered with a 7.3L PowerStroke from 1999 through 2003. Then, a 6.0L PowerStroke was offered from 2003-2007. That means this F-350 could be powered by either of those two engines.

The original Ford F-350 Super Duty was a high-riding machine from the factory, but this massive truck has obviously been modified with a monster suspension setup. Such lift was necessary to fit the big, beefy mud tires mounted on tiny wheels. Furthermore, there’s a smoke stack poking through the bed, suggesting there could be power modifications to go with the rest of the build. Needless to say, even in stock form this F-350 would have had plenty of torque to dig through the mud. And probably horsepower, too!


As you can see in this video by Gumballs227, the Squires Mud Bog is well-worn. It also offers various sections of thicker mud and watery sections with thinner mud. The F-350 first attacks the shallower pits (although this beast makes all of them look shallow), pushing through deeper mud before submerging in a deeper hole. We can see in the background that a Chevy Silverado got stuck in the deep end, but this monster Super Duty has no issue tearing it all up.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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