RWD Ford F-150 Slings Mud for ‘Murica!

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rwd f150 mud

This week’s Muddy video reminds us that you don’t always need a jacked up four wheel drive truck to play in the mud – as the rear wheel drive F-150 in this video is able to sling quite a bit of mud without the help of a transfer case.

Of course, this loose field is a far cry some of the mud pits that we see in other Muddy Monday videos, but this F-150 is able to dig through the grass, down into the softer mud just enough to get the truck a little dirty. This might not be mudding by any traditional sense, but rear wheel drive truck owners like to have fun, too, and this video shows that you don’t always need 4WD to play in the mud.

Unfortunately, there is only some undesirable hip hop playing in the background rather than engine sounds, so this video is probably best with the volume on mute – but the mudslinging action with the American flag flying proudly off of the back should get every humming the Star Spangled Banner.

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