Ride Along with a Hard Charging Ford F-250

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onboard f250

This week’s Muddy video gives us a chance to ride along with a Ford F-250 pickup that is cruising down a pretty wicked looking mud trail. The video starts off with an onboard camera showing the right front wheel as it drives along the muddy road and through some deep water, but roughly 25 seconds in, we get a few shots of this high riding F-250 from the side of the trail.

We see that this F-250 has some lift work, big tires and some huge mud flaps, making short work of a few different puddles before we move back to the onboard cameras. Over the course of the video, we see this F-250 push through a variety of offroading surfaces, including some fluffy snow at the end of the run.

Best of all, this video is accompanied by a cheesy country music song about mudding, so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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