MUDDY MONDAY Monster Ranger Makes Third Time a Charm

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ranger throwing mud

This week’s Muddy Monday video features a Ford Ranger mud truck taking on one seriously deep, watery mud bog. There is no information on this high riding Ford Ranger, but we can tell by the sound that it is packing V8 power and it obviously has very, very extensive suspension and chassis work.

This truck looks like a purpose built beast, ready to storm through the mud. However, when the video first begins, it isn’t so much a ‘mudding video’ as it is a ‘getting stuck video’.

On the first two clips, we see this bright yellow Ranger storm into the mud at two different angles, only to quickly get stuck. Fortunately, the driver keeps the wheels spinning while stuck, which sends mud flying high into the air, coating the entire truck very thoroughly.

Come the third run, which is from the other side of the mud pit, the V8 powered Ranger is able to keep the forward momentum going and it blasts from one side to the other in a big hurry, send a wall of muddy water towards the camera in the process.

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