Muddy Monday Presented by Yokohama

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Lifted Ford F-150 gets stuck, but manages to fight back and conquer the pit.

This week’s “Muddy Monday” video features a ninth-generation (1992 through 1997) Ford F-150 at the Perkins Mud Bog in Howell, Michigan. This half-ton Ford has an elaborate, purpose-built suspension system which lifts the truck high into the air, providing plenty of clearance for the huge tractor tires. Next, this F-150 clearly has a built V8, which its exhaust comes up through the hood, likely packing far more power than a stock truck from the 1990s.

In short, there aren’t many components south of the body panels that came from the factory, but that long list of modifications allows this pickup to do things which stock trucks can only dream of.

The video begins with the F-150 driving toward the camera when it noses down in a deep hole. Mud packs up around the front differential and the truck stumbles for a minute, but it does digs its way free. Unfortunately, that’s not where this F-150’s bad luck ends.

Watch this rest of this video courtesy of Mudclips, and find out how the story ends!

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