MUDFEST The Little F-150 That Could

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This week’s Mudfest video features a 1996 Ford F-150 working hard to get over what appears to be a small ledge out in the woods, but the loose footing around the base of the incline makes it tough for this regular cab, short bed F-150 from making the climb at first.

After first watching the bright red half ton truck fail the first time, only to have the bumper dig into the mud as he backs down, the cameraman moves to the other side of the truck for a better view of the approach.

From the passenger’s side, we watch the 1996 F-150 make two runs at the hill before rolling all of the way back down and stalling.

Fortunately, after backing up and getting a better run at the hill – while also doing a better job of carrying that momentum over the obstacle – this young F-150 owner is able to continue on his mission of freeing his Polaris 500 that he also got stuck in the mud.

While this is a fairly simple mudding video, it is a great instructional video on how to and how not to deal with an obstacle like this hill out in the woods. Enjoy!

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