Muddy Monday: Ford Ranger Digs Through the Pond

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Tame-Looking Ranger Proves to be a Mud-Besting Beast

This week’s “Muddy Monday” video features a last-generation, North American Ford Ranger playing in a deep, watery mud pit. We don’t get any details on this Ranger, but it appears to be a 2010-2012 model with a custom front bumper, a jacked-up suspension setup and aggressive, knobby mud tires. Thanks to these simple additions, this Ranger was transformed from a mild mannered small truck to a high-riding mudslinger.

Ford Ranger

Also, based on the sound and ease with which is slings mud high into the air, I would guess that this Ranger is powered by the 207 horsepower 4.0L V6, but in the end – the engine size doesn’t matter. What matters is that this lightly modded Ranger does a fine job of sending the slop skyward as the driver makes his way from one side of the muddy pond to the other.

At first, the yellow-and-white Ranger is making good progress in moving across the pond, but when the driver approaches the near back, he gets stuck. He spins the tires for a few seconds, hoping to dig deeper into the base of the pond for a little more grip, but when that doesn’t work, he is able to back up for a second run at the shore.


The cameraman moves around for a better viewpoint of the second try, and on this attempt the Ranger is able to get traction and maintain forward momentum, allowing the driver and his trusty compact Ford truck to slowly climb up and out of the water. Although it took a little work, this Ranger did exactly what we want from these videos – plenty of flying mud.

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