Watch a Ford F-250 Race Through the Mud Slalom

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f250 slalom in mud race 600

This week’s Muddy video segment features a heavily (and I emphasize heavily) modified Ford F-250 packing a PowerStroke diesel engine that is racing through a mud slalom course.

The video begins with the truck already digging through the mud so we cannot tell just how modded this F-250 is, but when it comes out of the mud at the end of the first leg of the run to turn around the tire, we can see that this big Ford is riding high enough for most normal cars to drive right under it.

This Ford F-250 is sitting so high that it really doesn’t get all that muddy as it rips through the slop, but the amount of mud thrown around with the help of some serious mud tires and what is likely a nicely built PowerStroke engine makes this truck worthy of being featured on

Not surprisingly, this rig shows just what “Ford Tough” is all about as he easily runs from one side of the pit to the other and back – without so much as a hesitation in the process.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy! Sling some mud in the forum.>>

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